Ring Slings

The ring sling is a short baby wrap with rings at one end. It is perfect for kids at any age, from newborn through toddlerhood. You may use it for front or hip carries and with a little practice also for carrying your child on your back.

The ring sling is perfect for all kinds of weather: it keeps you cool and airy on hot summer days because it’s only one layer of fabric around you and your child. Since it’s a lot shorter than most baby-wraps there won't be long tails hanging in puddles, snow or mud when you wrap your child in the wild.

Like a normal baby-wrap the ring sling always comes to a perfect and individual fit for you and your baby, and with a little practice the wrapping is fast and easy to match the needs of quick ups and downs with your child.

A ring sling folds together very compactly and finds a place in every bag, and it easily transforms into a baby blanket to cover your baby with when they fall asleep or a safe toy to keep your baby entertained, since a lot of baby's like to play with or hold onto the rings.