Carry Loops

The Carry Loop is our latest addition to the RNW family. It's made from our beautiful baby wrap fabric and sewn to a loop that can be used for safe & ergonomic baby-wearing but also as a double-loop around the neck (like a cowl).

Our carry loops are very flexible and they are a perfect addition to your baby-wearing days.

For very small babies you can use two carry loops for a front cross carry and when your baby gets bigger you can switch to a hip carry with only one loop. The best thing is the size of the loop fully depends on you so you can use the same size loop for newborns and toddlers.

Our carry loops are always made from full width wraps and vary in length so you can find the size that fits you and your baby. The following formula helps to find your size: (body height + chest circumference) / 2 = size of your Carry Loop. 1.30m is the most common size.

Carry Loops are perfect for those quick up's when toddlers feet get tired, shopping, the quick cuddles and you can even quickly transfer your child from a hip carry to a back carry with a big hip scoot.

If your size isn’t in The Shop feel free to contact us. We may have open spaces on warps or semi-customs planned where you can participate and this way get your very unique Carry Loop just how you want and need it.