Baby Wraps

RNW handwoven baby wraps are beautiful pieces of art that are worked on with love and dedication throughout the process. It starts with the decision on a warp fiber, then it's about dyeing, getting the beam dressed, finding the perfect matching weft fibers and colours, weaving and finally ends with the finishing touches and sending the wraps off to their new homes around the world.

Our wraps are incredibly soft and ready to carry your children around in.

You may purchase your own RNW wrap in any length you desire depending on your wrapping needs and preferences. Choose between open or twisted, long or short or no fringes and add your own personality to your wrap with lace work in the tails or Swarovski crystals.

Baby wraps always come with the most individual fit, to wrapper and wrappee and with different wrapping techniques you can adapt to almost every situation and create an ergonomic carry. With only one wrap you can do front, hip and back carries or even carry two children at once with tandem carries.

Carrying your child in a wrap so very close to your heart keeps the bond between you growing, enables you to meet your child's needs in a very natural way and adds to your experience of caregiving no matter if you are a first time or an experienced wrapper.

We will happily help you figure out your needs and expectations on a wrap to create your very special baby wraps.

You may also find beautiful in stock wraps in The Shop that wait to be sent to your loving home.