Cozy Cotton

Cozy Cotton is a long staple cotton, spun with a clever Swiss spinning technology which results in an extraordinary voluminous cotton yarn with isolating air pockets and enhanced moisture absorption.

It's stands out for its whiteness, strength and softness.

Fiber Qualities

In Stock: yes
Cushy: 4/5
Bounce: 2/5
Toddlerworthy: 4/5
Sparkle: 0/5
Shifty: 1/5
Thickness: 4/5
Good as Warp Fiber: no
Special Washing: no
Grippy: 4/5
Shiny: 1/5
Breathable: 4/5
Slippery: 3/5
Softness: 4/5
Rareness: 3/5


None yet.
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