Initial impression of this fiber is excellent. It has quickly become a favorite fiber here in the nest. It’s VERY strong, very cushy, breathable and has a gorgeous, non slippery, shine, like liquid metal. It takes dye brilliantly and vibrantly, it appears to almost glow. We feel that this yarn is perfect for newborns to toddlers.

Fiber Qualities

In Stock: yes
Cushy: 5/5
Bounce: 3/5
Toddlerworthy: 5/5
Sparkle: 0/5
Shifty: 2/5
Thickness: 5/5
Good as Warp Fiber: yes
Special Washing: no
Grippy: 3/5
Shiny: 4/5
Breathable: 5/5
Slippery: 2/5
Softness: 5/5
Rareness: 4/5


Shiny, thin, strong, it feels like liquid metal, it's so cool. I think it might even be cool to the touch and I think it will be perfect for summer. And the colors are so bright and intense, I'm not sure why I would ever want to use another fiber when there is this vegan, sustainable, and awesome fiber to work with!

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