Motherwort is a plant that can be used medicinally to help reduce stress. Ancient Greeks used it to reduce anxiety during childbirth.

When we found out that we could have this plant made into yarn, we jumped on the opportunity! It took some time to be made, but arrived in The Studio in late 2020 and we have had great success dyeing and weaving with it.

It’s love. We are in love with it! It’s very strong and gives nice firm cush. It’s not fluffy and squishy, but it is soft and cushy. It has a beautiful glow, very much like mercerized cotton. We feel that it would be comparable to a very broken in cotton / hemp in hand. It has some grip and feels like it’s broken-in right off the loom.

Fiber Qualities

In Stock: yes
Cushy: 4/5
Bounce: 2/5
Toddlerworthy: 5/5
Sparkle: 0/5
Shifty: 3/5
Thickness: 3/5
Good as Warp Fiber: yes
Special Washing: no
Grippy: 3/5
Shiny: 4/5
Breathable: 3/5
Slippery: 3/5
Softness: 4/5
Rareness: 5/5


None yet.
If you have experience with Motherwort, please share your story with us at