A strong, soft fiber with a medium thickness. Shiny but not bouncy. Dyes exceptionally well. Great for all ages of babies.

Fiber Qualities

In Stock: yes
Cushy: 2/5
Bounce: 2/5
Toddlerworthy: 3/5
Sparkle: 0/5
Shifty: 2/5
Thickness: 3/5
Good as Warp Fiber: no
Special Washing: no
Grippy: 2/5
Shiny: 4/5
Breathable: 3/5
Slippery: 3/5
Softness: 4/5
Rareness: 0/5


I LOVE a good tencel warp any day of the week! So shiney and glidey that shows through any weft fiber! Solid and thin as well.

Tencel/supima is very soft and has a very nice gleam to it! It’s thin, light, and airy, which makes for an excellent supper wrap imo. It had a good amount of Cush that makes it easy to wrap with at any length. It is always a good go to if you are unsure about other wefts because it has never not been good ??

Tencel / tencel is well amazing! The beach retreat I tried was heavier, but this Sunkissed Dreams is very very light! Might be the weave differences! Anyway, slick, shiney, soft, second skin like! If you don’t like slippery, just love this with a more textured weave, it is one that has hidden cush too. Feels thin in hand, but wraps cushy and solid!

Tencel / hemp is well like a rock! It’s rock solid and so cushy! It was almost too thick for me as a shorty, but just perfect as a long wrap! It was cushy and dense but still had awesome moldiblilty from the tencel warp. Perfect wrap for all ages.

Tencel / soy is very unique! It felt a lot like all tencel, but maybe drier? I’m not sure, but that different feel of it added it’s own grip and then had a little more Cush to it than all tencel. It was thin (thin soy weft) and solid at the same time. Easy to wrap with and held a half knot just fine, which surprised me!

Tencel / superwash merino was literally the only wool blend wrap that never gave me a rash or made me itchy! So soft and cuddly! The Cush was through the roof, yet it was still thinner! It’s not as thin as I prefer, BUT was solid and comfy all around. This was also a cool to the touch combo that was not warm to the slightest in the summer months.

Tencel/merino/cashmere/stellina was a cushy cloud! It was itchy on my sensitive skin, but only when wearing for awhile. To the touch it was blankety and very soft! Very squishy and cushy! This is the ultimate toddler prison wrap for those with picky shoulders. It is like wearing a cloud! Also soft and moldable for newborns.. plus who can resist sparkles!

Tencel / ringspun Cotton was totally different than supima! It was grippy, much more cushy, and in the medium weight side. This is a nice easy care blend that I felt like needed just a smidge of breaking in. It’s not as moldable as some of the others, but that happens with grip and Cush sometimes. Another very toddler worthy blend!

Tencel / peppermint is my favorite combo for a tencel warp! It’s thin, lightweight, and airy! More of a shiney sheen and feels like a slicker velvet! I don’t find it too slippery, but it is slippery. A grippy weave would help with that if you prefer less slip. Overall, thin, supportive, and has that Cush that I love from peppermint!

Tencel/cotton is in between supima and ringspun! Still very soft, but has more grip than supima. It seems dense without being thick and is perfect for a ring sling! I would imagine it is fabulous as a wrap too! It has good good, grip, Cush, shine, and is solid!

Tencel/rose stellina is wow! It’s more solid that all tencel, which I found nice and solid as is! It has grip, which I’m not sure is from the stellina or just the rose! It wraps easily, but then stays put. I was surprised how well this blend held a half knot. Very soft, shiny, and oh the sparkles! It’s thin, but dense, and I feel like could wrap any age. I do not find it as soft and fluid as say all tencel or tencel/peppermint when brand new, but still amazingly soft nonetheless.

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