Superwash / Stellina

Superwash is merino (wool) that has been crafted so that it is easy care (washing machine safe but not dryer safe).

Great for temperature regulating (keeps you cool or warm), fantastic bounce and cush. All the great aspects of wool but less skin reactivity than other wools.

Stellina adds a lovely sparkle.

Fiber Qualities

In Stock: yes
Cushy: 4/5
Bounce: 5/5
Toddlerworthy: 3/5
Sparkle: 4/5
Shifty: 0/5
Thickness: 3/5
Good as Warp Fiber: no
Special Washing: yes
Grippy: 4/5
Shiny: 0/5
Breathable: 5/5
Slippery: 0/5
Softness: 2/5
Rareness: 0/5


None yet.
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