Peppermint is one of those great fibers that has shine and good grip with a medium thickness but super soft.

Fiber Qualities

In Stock: yes
Cushy: 2/5
Bounce: 2/5
Toddlerworthy: 3/5
Sparkle: 0/5
Shifty: 3/5
Thickness: 3/5
Good as Warp Fiber: no
Special Washing: no
Grippy: 3/5
Shiny: 3/5
Breathable: 3/5
Slippery: 2/5
Softness: 5/5
Rareness: 3/5


Peppermint wraps tend to be so soft and smooth, but in a velvety way versus a slick way like tencel! The fiber also seems to have a little more grip than tencel.

Peppermint/tencel is one I tried on coral reef and it was fabulous! It was soft right from the start, floppy, had a velvety feel to it, and was very thin. Still amazingly supportive! I could dh torso in it, but it would definitely shine in a base+ length for larger kids for those extra passes!

Peppermint/supima was another I tried on coral reef. It was soft and fluffy! It definitely had more Cush than a tencel weft and made a great shorty. It had good grip but still glided into place easily. I think this combo is great for any length.

Peppermint/peppermint is my hands down favorite blend! It’s smooth like velvet, cool it the touch, very light, and just perfect! This is a thin and flatter combo, but has hidden Cush that comes out when wrapped. I can handle it as a shorty even with a toddler, but a base size would be great for bigger kiddos.

Peppermint/banana was not may favorite, it had the coolest texture, but is thick and very grippy. For anyone who likes that, that is the perfect combo! Once wrapped, it was rock solid and very comfy. I just worked up a sweat getting it on lol

Peppermint/green tea modal is well extremely unique! It is fluffy, light, airy, and very very soft! Had a nice shine to it and did I say soft? It was comfortable with my toddler and amazing with my baby! I think it’s a blend that’s great for all ages. Also has a cool feel to it so I also think great for summer. Smooth but not slippery and stays in place well. Not a ton of grip, but a grippier we’ve could solve that.

Peppermint/rose stellina is holy moly amazing! It could be that the weave plays a large part, but it’s very cushy while still being thin! It’s awesome! So soft and the sparkles are amazing! Not a drop of scratchiness from these sparkles and very solid. Good glide, but also has enough grip for a half knot. I haven’t wrapped my toddler yet, but I assume this will be great for him too! Amazing with my 3 month old!

Peppermint/Soy is wow in a bottle! It’s so cushy, spongy, glide, and amazing! It’s pretty cool to the touch and doesn’t seem to be warm at all. I love how fluid it feels! Perfect for all ages! It is a little slippery, so my leaner was able to bust free until I did a nice snug wrap job. I would say medium/thin and has great squishiness to it that makes it cushy!

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