Frequently Asked Questions

I Need Help Deciding on a Fiber For My Handwoven
Please use our Fiber Guide which will show you the wear and care qualities of the fibers we carry. This list updates often as we explore exciting and exotic new fibers.

What Are The Different Types of Handwovens That You Sell?
We sell a broad range of handwovens. Here are our most popular:

What Options Are Available For A Handwoven?
Aside from selecting your weft fiber, weave pattern, length etc, the most popular add-ons are:

How May I Order a Handwoven?
There are 3 methods to order a handwoven from RNW:

  1. Can't wait? Purchase today from The Shop
  2. Want to join the vision of like-minded baby wearers? Join an existing custom
  3. Have your own vision? Create your own custom
May I See Pictures of Your Latest Handwovens Sold to Clients?
Absolutely. We are proud to show our handwovens. Please see our "Latest 100 page".

Why Doesn't RNW Weave With Silk?
We strongly believe in the ethical treatment of animals and unfortunately silk worms die in the production of silk fiber. Most of our team are vegetarian/vegan, so using silk doesn't sit right with us.

Where is RNW Located?
Near Toronto, Canada.