Baby / Birthing Blanket

Never before offered by RNW, behold beautiful Baby / Birthing Blankets! In honour of our 5th Anniversary, we are weaving keepsake b/b blankets. If you've always wanted to own a RNW product or want to be the envy of your baby wearing friends, now is your chance!

These beautiful handwoven blankets will be woven with a cotton warp fiber and a super fat cotton weft fiber making it a luxurious functional and easy care keepsake for you and your baby. Imagine having a handcrafted blanket that was woven just for you and for that blanket to be the first fabric to touch your new little one. This blanket will see you through those early days and into the toddler years & beyond.

All blankets will have our collectable '5th Anniversary' tag sewn onto them. Blanket width will be ~28 inches / 71 cm.

The price is $125 USD / meter to a maximum of 3 meters. You will be invoiced via PayPal for the full amount of your product. Sorry no payment plans this time around. We will accept orders on a 'first to pay - first to be delivered' basis. We plan to have every blanket shipped by the end of December 2019.

Please remember: these blankets are not baby wraps.

If you wish to order more than one blanket, please fill out this form for each blanket.

Category : Available Semi Custom
Warp Fiber : Cotton
Weft Fiber  : You Decide!

To Be Woven  : December 2019

Starting at 125.00 USD / m

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